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Huge Live Traffic to Mali all, Tunisia , Nigeria , Cuba , Morocco , Egypt, Ghana , Cameroon MTN , Chad all

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Postou 14 setembro 2017 - 05:13

Dear Valued Partners,

This is Roger Perez, Filasco America LLC is a global carrier based in USA. Filasco America LLC is operating business within this industry for a long period of time with enormous skill and honesty. This company is formed to develop the communication industry with its own unique technical skills and quality customer service quality.

We have live traffic below African and Latin American destinations If u have direct and quality routes.
please contact me via Email: and Skype:

African Destinations:

Chad all. Mali all .Niger all , Mauritania , Gambia all,
Madagascar all, Sierra Leone, Egypt all, South Africa all,
Libya all, Ivory Coast MTN, Gabon all, .Congo, Guinea all,
Eritrea all, Somalia all, Ethiopia all, Angola , Ghana all,
Uganda MTN , Morocco all, Cameroon MTN, Burkina Faso ,
Algeria all, Benin MTN, Nigeria all, Zimbabwe Econet,
Kenya all, Sudan MTN, Senegal all, Tanzania all, Togo mobile ,
Jamaica all , Tunisia all, DR Congo , Mozambique Vodacom

Latin American Destinations:

Ecuador all, Peru , Panama , Costa Rica , Jamaica all, Venezuela
Paraguay all, Uruguay all, Brazil all, Argentina all, Chile all, Cuba...

Also let me know If you have any other direct FAS-free, stable, Non CLI routes with competitive rates so that we can send our traffic through your network. Your business with us will be highly appreciated!

Please Contact:

Roger Perez
Sales Executive Officer
Corporate Office: 816 47th street, suite B3
Brooklyn, New York 11220

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